Product Deposit

from £5.00


Here at Colchester Militaria we are happy to take Deposits/Reservations for products over £200.00!!

We require that the Deposits/Reservations are no less than one-third of the price of the product and rounded up to the nearest hundred. Payments there after should be no less than £100.00 per month. You may only have one item on layaway at one time.

If, for any reason, you cannot pay the remainder of the outstanding amount we reserve the right to keep the initial deposit made - we will refund for the remainder minus a £20.00 admin charge.

For example: If an item costs £500, one-third is £170. Round this up to £200, then three more monthly payments of £100 each.

Note: Items that are currently under reservation will not be Sold to any other customer and will be held until you have paid in full.


1) Note the value of the item and product code you wish to purchase.

2) Select from the drop down bar the £value you require in order to pay the deposit/reservation.

3) Remember to round the value to the nearest hundred.

4) Use the quantity calculator to add or subtract the value you require.

5) Do not forget to place a note on your order containing (the product name and code)

6) Select the delivery type as "collection Only" - delivery will be sorted separately when the item is paid in full.

7) Please now print, read and sign the terms and conditions for let away, making sure to email a copy to us-

Product Number: #01000